Sue Skillings - Independent Cornish Celebrant Tel: 07850011290 Shortlisted for Wedding of the Year 2017 by
Sue Skillings - Independent  Cornish Celebrant      Tel: 07850011290 Shortlisted for Wedding of the Year 2017by

The Legal Stuff

Sue Skillings: Independent Cornish Celebrant

Member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids since 1989.


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Weddings - In English Law, to be legally valid, a UK marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorised person (for example, a registrar, a vicar or a priest) and be witnessed by two people. This means couples must choose between: an approved religious ceremony, a registry office ceremony, or a registrar who will attend the wedding at a licensed venue. Couples must have already been legally married before their special Celebrant Wedding Ceremony can take place. After the legal ceremony, a Celebrant Ceremony can take place anywhere and at any time.


Civil Partnerships - A UK Civil Partnership Ceremony is not recognised under the Civil Partnership Act 2004. To legally register under the Act you will have to do so at a Register Office.

Register Office - The laws governing Register Office weddings strictly control what can be said or done during the ceremony and there are limitations on the time, place and content of the ceremonies. Register Office weddings cannot contain religious content.

Settings - Please ensure you have the permission of the landowner if you are using an outdoor setting for your ceremony. If it is a public place, please be aware that there could be members of the public passing by that may want to stop and watch the proceedings.

Ceremonies - Can be held at any suitable venue. It does not have to be licenced for ceremonies.

Documents – No documents issued as part of the proceedings have any legal status. Any “Record of Ceremony,” document or “Certificate,” provided after any celebrancy ceremony are for keepsakes only and cannot be used as proof of identification; the ceremony itself is not legally binding. In addition, a couple’s original wedding certificate will not be altered when a renewal of vows ceremony has taken place.

Health & Safety

  1. If you are holding a home ceremony it is advisable you check that your domestic insurance policy covers third party liability for any visitors to the home. You will be responsible for carrying out a risk assessment for the event and the Celebrant will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur at your home as a result of negligence on your part.
  2. All entrances and exits to and from the ceremony area should be clear and easy to use.
  3. All constructions in gardens, (Such as marquees and gazebos) should be well erected, safe and secure.
  4. Any outside electrical equipment, (Such as lighting or sound equipment) must be safe, and there should be no trailing wires or cables. (Tape and purpose-made cable covers should be used, and cables must be kept well away from walkway areas.)
  5. Electrical equipment should not be set up anywhere near water.
  6. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately and guests informed of any slip or trip hazards.
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