Sue Skillings - Independent Cornish Celebrant Tel: 07850011290 Shortlisted for Wedding of the Year 2017 by
Sue Skillings - Independent  Cornish Celebrant      Tel: 07850011290 Shortlisted for Wedding of the Year 2017


Tying the Knot or Getting Hitched? - A Handfasting is based on old traditions from the British Isles, including the idea of a trial marriage practiced by Celtic Christians. Vows can be taken for, “A year and a day,” “A lifetime,” “For all eternity,” or, “As long as love shall last.”

A Handfasting can be part of a wedding ceremony and are increasingly popular. They are often conducted outdoors, sometimes in a circle and include the symbolic tying of the hands with a cord or ribbon which you can make yourself.


The ceremony can also draw on the symbolism of the elements of air, fire, water and earth, which can be a powerful way of focussing on the different aspects of a relationship and other qualities you want to bring into your marriage.

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